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One on one coaching session

One on one coaching session

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This session is one on one with Kenneth and is live on Zoom. You will learn how to start flipping land virtually from you laptop and make $10,000-$20,000+ Per month. You will learn...

1. How to find a unlimited supply of motivated land owners who will sell you their land 25-30 cents on the dollar so you can turn around and flip it for MASSIVE profits. 

2. You will learn how and where you can find HUNDREDS of buyers that will be will be willing to buy this land from you. 

3. You will learn best marketing strategies to find buyers and sellers

4. You will learn how to build a sustainable business flipping land

5. You will learn how to build passive income with land flipping and how you can buy and sell land without using even your own money or credit. 

The one on one session lasts anywhere from 2-3 hours and its one on one through zoom. 

Please have a laptop and quite place.

Once you pay please follow the calendly link to set up your coaching session. 

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