Our ALL american cold calling service is beating out the competition at only $0.30 cents per dial!

How it works

Our Cold calling service is simple. You place your order for the amount of dials you need. Then send us an email to Leadsforninjas@gmail.com with the list of phone numbers attached, along with the email you will want us to send the leads to when we find them.

You can sit back and let us do the rest!

We sell Lists.

We have 

Tax delinquents



and  Cash buyer lists available.

Email: Leadsforninjas@Gmail.com 

to inquire about our leads.

Pricing is below.

Tax delinquent $0.10

Tax delinquent with vacant filter $0.17 

Absentee $0.10 

Pre-Foreclosure $0.10

 Cash Buyer  $0.10 

Tax delinquent List's ( Pre Foreclosures aswell) Please inquire before placing your order so we can verify we have leads in your market. Thanks!!!

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How does our cold calling service work?

Who is our service good for?

Many different types of investors use our service.

Fix and flippers



Real estate agents

and anyone who is looking for a good off market property.

We do the cold calling for you so that you can do more of what you love!

Do you need consistent seller leads?

We are experts with cold calling and can get you consistent leads no matter if you are a realtor, wholesaler, flipper, or landlord.

Try us out!

Need to order some leads?

We offer the following types of leads for only $0.13 cents per lead.

For an additional $0.4 cents per lead we can filter leads down to absentee or out of state owned.

Tax delinquent ( select cities)

Pre- Foreclosure ( Select cities)

Ready to order your leads?

Our Guarantee to you.